Sunday June 18 @ St. Mary’s Field

11:00AM – 11:45 AM Colts vs Steelers

11:45AM – 12:30PM Colts vs Guard Dogs

12:30 PM – 1:15PM Steelers vs Guard Dogs

1:15 PM – Chargers vs Mustangs

Pee wee rules:

  • Each team will get the ball on the 35 yard line going into the end zone.
  • The offensive team will have seven plays to score a touchdown.
  • If a touchdown is scored, the same O/D will stay on the field until the seven plays (series) is completed.
    This will help with personnel consistency and save the O/D running on and off the field. Should be more efficient.
  • No blitzing. Maximum of four rushers from the defense.
  • QBs are live.
  • We will try and aim for 3 offensive and 3 defensive series per team/game. If time allows we will continue to alternate O/D.
    7 plays per series X 6 series = 42 plays per game; Each play/huddle has approx. one minute.
  • Coaches are allowed on the field to help with development. Try and be quick as possible in and out of the huddles.

Bantam rules:

  • No special teams. Team will get ball on 35 yard line to start game, second half and after a score.
  • QBs are live.
  • Blitzing in the second half only.
  • Coaches are allowed on the field to help with development.
  • If third and long and the team decides to punt, the ball will be moved 35 yards down field.
There will be a concession and a 50/50.
If the field conditions are too wet, then an alternate field email will be sent out.
This is a great event for new players, officials, parents and coaches.
Keep things positive.